Business Incubation Center

At present, the research work on eight approved ideas is in progress.

  • Lab scale development of the piezoelectric transformer.
  • Development of light emitting diodes.
  • Design and Development of filters.
  • Antibacterial nanomaterial embedded fabrics for medical applications.
  • Development of photovoltaic modules of dye-sensitized solar cell.
  • Prototype development of super-capacitor.
  • Development of intelligent system as graphology expert.
  • Biodiesel production from waste vegetable and non-edible oils using a nano-particle catalyst for commercial purposes.


  • Perform interdisciplinary and unconventional research.
  • Ensuring the integration of teaching and research, and the involvement of our students in the research processes.
  • Develop international strategic partnerships.
  • Organise seminars, panels and lectures to disseminate knowledge on various projects.
  • Collaborate with other institutions at both local and international levels.

Key Highlights

  • The Business Incubator Centre is developed supporting prime minister’s vision for Startup India.
  • Candidates are mentored by the industry-leading experts.
  • Currently, eight projects are under the supervision of the faculty.
  • Regular workshops and events are held to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit of the candidates.
  • The selected candidates are offered fundraising assistance and infrastructural facilities.