Ph.D Steps

Steps that candidates need to follow when pursuing a Ph.D programme in order to be conferred a Ph.D degree are listed below :-

(1)- Once candidates are selected for Ph.D programme offered at educational institutes they need to submit their Research Proposal along with their Research Topic.
Then, candidates are allocated a research supervisor/ guide.

(2)- After this candidates are provided details of the course work, evaluation methodology and the teaching schedule by the Research Programme Coordinator/ Guide/ Supervisor.

(3)- While performing research work most educational institutes require aspirants to submit six month progress reports for their research work.

(4)- Further, as a Research Student one needs to give at least two seminar presentations as part of their tenure as a Research Scholar and thereafter submit a Certificate in the prescribed format to the Research Unit.

(5)- Next, Ph.D students need to publish at least one research paper in a peer reviewed/refereed Journal and also submit a Certificate in the prescribed format to the Research Unit before they submit their Ph.D thesis.

(6)- Before aspirants submit their thesis, their supervisor or guide will organise a Pre-submission Seminar. This seminar will be open to all. As part of this seminar a report will be submitted which will include suggestions for improvement and the supervisor would ensure that candidates incorporate all these suggestions in the final thesis.

(7)- Candidates then need to incorporate all the changes and submit a summary of their thesis to their supervisor or guide at least 45 days before the submission of the thesis.

(8)- Finally, candidates need to submit their thesis in hard copy as well as soft copy. This thesis will be examined by external experts. In case any expert suggests any modifications in the research paper submitted by the candidate then he/ she needs to re-submit a modified thesis.

(9)- Next, a viva-voce is conducted wherein candidates can openly defend their thesis and present their point of view before a panel of experts.

(10)- Candidates who complete all these steps to perfection would only be conferred a Ph.D degree.