Welcome To Research House (A Venture of Shristi Foundation)

Research House (A Venture of Shristi Foundation) intends to provide consultancy support to all countries in the World in the area of educational planning & administration for opening, diversifying and developing the existing or new institutions for managing the third millennium. Research House specializes in a wide range of training services for Engineering Students .

Ph.D Programme

The Ph.D. Programmes at Research House (A Venture of Shristi Foundation) on innovative research work with the implementation of policies designed to improve the research infrastructure and new academic & Technology Development Centre has been constituted by us to motivate researchers to develop high-end technological research and analysis skills.

Ph.D. course in India has evolved over the years and how a mandatory requirement from all Universities is to have a minimum of two journal paper publications.

Our research paper assistance team helps clients by developing manuscript which can be submitted to journals. We can help with review papers, manuscripts for conferences, empirical research papers, and papers which require implementation.


It is the field which provides students a broad understanding of applied engineering and a general knowledge of technological equipment.


We offer these programs for contributing the students with a sound understanding of business functions and their inter-relationships.


We offer advanced liberal arts & Science education to the eligible candidates with the elaborate lessons in writing, analysis and advancements oriented .


The field of computer science deals with the theory of computations applications and mainly with “Why” behind computer programs.

Research & Development

Research House (A Venture of Shristi Foundation) provides Research & Development consultation with our clients, research design, data collection, guidance on methodology, literature review writing, data analysis, editing. we are ready to customize our offering to suit your requirement.


  • Perform interdisciplinary and unconventional research.
  • Ensuring the integration of teaching and research, and the involvement of our students in the research processes.
  • Develop international strategic partnerships.
  • Organise seminars, panels and lectures to disseminate knowledge on various projects.
  • Collaborate with other institutions at both local and international levels.
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